How to?

How to handle a subscription request

Subscription requests will be visible as a notification on the subscriptions tab (1) and found in the subscriptions view (2). Notifications will also be received by email to registered service center users.

To action a request, click the link (2) to open the subscription state form. Select accept if the customer is recognized or reject if the request has been sent to the wrong service center and the customer/machine is unknown (3).

How to restart the ACM activation process

How to transfer a machine to a different service center

A machine can be transferred to a more suitable service center within the same dealer network.

  1. Start from ‘Subscriptions’ view
  2. Select ‘Actions’
  3. Select ‘Transfer subscriptions’
  4. Select the machine(s) to transfer using the check box and click continue
  5. Enter the target service center, insert message and submit


How to use Hub worklist

The worklist can be used as a tool to identify machines that are already under investigation.

Select the machine you would like to move to the worklist. The alarm history will expand as shown.

Select to move the machine up into the worklist above.

The machine can be returned by selecting .

Alarms will not be cleared automatically on machines held in the worklist. If required, they can be cleared manually using the ‘Finish work’ button, or they will clear when returned to the pending list.

How to manage alarms

Select a machine to view alarm history (1).

Select to view the error in Connect Data.

Select to view more information about the error.

Clear alarms will delete all alarms for all machines in the list (2).

will clear all alarms for the machine selected.

Alarms will clear automatically 3 days from last appearance*. Cleared alarms will also clear customer view.

(i) Number of machines with alarms activated within the last 8 hours.


* Does not apply whilst machine is held in the worklist for investigation.