Information, wherever and whenever you need it

Connect is a fleet management tool that enables remote and near real time monitoring and decision making. Machine data can be used to make informed operational decisions on logistics. You can be anywhere with a mobile device and have access to information such as geographical position, fuel level, fuel consumption or hours to service.


You can keep track of your machine location.


You can see what your machines are doing.


You can see how your machines are performing, historically and in near real-time.


You have visibility of the machine without the need to be present in the field or cab and can identify operational improvements remotely

See the status of your whole fleet, wherever you are

With Connect you can monitor the status of your machines to optimize work efficiency and minimize downtime. Logistics, weather, and operator inattention are common causes of poor work efficiency. Using Connect to monitor machine activity, it is possible to decrease idle time and reduce fuel costs by identifying and addressing the cause of the inefficiencies. The information available gives you actionable insights and removes the need for guesswork.

In co-operation with an approved service partner, Connect can help you keep your machine in optimum condition, increasing uptime by making sure your machines are ready to work whenever they are needed. Service and maintenance notifications keep you informed of the machine condition, and help schedule planned maintenance outside of busy periods.

Reduce Input Costs

Reduce fuel and consumables use by identifying opportunities for improvement

Work Efficiency

Achieve greater productivity through logistics optimization


Address some of the top causes of downtime which are costly at key times such as planting and harvesting

Features for machine owners

FeatureWeb AppMobile App
Fuel and AdBlue levels
Current position and route traveled
Active/idle ratio and consumption statistics
Engine hour and service hour counter with in-app alerts
Prioritized fault codes with in-app alerts
Harvesting performance statistics
Customizable data analysis tool
Daily fuel consumption and engine hours fleet report
Share machines with other users
Mixed fleet
Machine documentation*
Customizable machine naming
Secure data management
Unlimited fleet size

*Only available for Valtra machines

Operational efficiency
Make better logistics decisions

Reduce inputs
Monitor consumption to improve performance

Maximize uptime
Plan services in advance around seasonal peaks

Minimize downtime
Use prioritized diagnostic support for decision making

More freedom
Real time and remote with a mobile device

Stay connected to your service partners with remote monitoring

There have been many situations where Connect has helped me operate my business, but in my opinion GPS location data is the most important. I have several fields in an area about 40 km away, when I send my employee out to a field, I cannot be sure where they are later that day. With the help of Connect I can quickly check where they are and how they are progressing

Anssi Mennala
Vanha Olkkola farm

The most beneficial part for me is the mobile app; during the busy summer season I can spend less time in the office – I can see the whole picture from my mobile

Jarno Halinen

Isolahti Farm, Finland