Quick reference guide

AGCO Connect Desktop App for Dealers


Get a quick and detailed overview of the entire fleet scenario.

1. Tools and administration menus

The Connect UI is structured around two menus on the left of the screen.

2. Fleet overview

Quickly identify any recent machine activity.

3. Alarm overview

Quickly identify the current technical service status.

4. Tasks

Quickly identify if any actions are required.

5. Connect map

Quickly locate your machines.


Hub is where you can investigate machine service requirements in more detail. Here you can view fault code descriptions and history.

Hub orientation

1. Clear all alarms in the list
2. Set desktop notification and sound for new alarms
3. Move machine into the above worklist or, Move to pending if in the worklist.

The worklist can be used as a management tool to differentiate which machines are currently under investigation or which machines are yet to be investigated.

4. Clear the selected alarm
5. Show alarm in Connect data. Show fault code details


Fleet provides two levels of performance information, cumulative and individual machine performance for the selected date.

Fleet orientation

1. View fleet as a list or in map view (map view shown)
2. Overview of entire fleet performance and statistics for the date range selected
3. Power on indicates machine running during the selected date range.

Select any machine for detailed statistics

4. The coloured bar shows time and duration of operation.

Use corresponding coloured dot to identify machine

Connect Data

In Connect Data you can inspect and analyze your machine in great detail. Choose the tractor for inspection, select signal and date or time span.

Connect Data orientation

1. You can search machines by VIN number
2. Choose tractor (tractors) for inspection
3. Select signals you want to inspect
4. Select a specific date or time span for the inspection


Subscriptions orientation

  1. Search and filter subscriptions.
  2. Auto-renew subscription



Service user orientation

  1. Search an existing Connect user and add them to the service group
  2. Invite a new user to your service group
  3. Delete a user from the current service group


Service Center orientation

  1. This is where you can edit Service centers information.