Right there with you at every turn

Always connected to real time information on machine location and performance

Manage your machines in the right way, at the right time and the right place—increasing productivity and uptime while decreasing costs.

Through remote machine monitoring, your dealer can help you improve uptime and efficiency by providing proactive maintenance and support.

AGCO Connect is a new remote telemetry service for tractors and other machines that is accessible for everyone.

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Is your machine ready to Connect?

A wide range of new AGCO machines come with Connect readiness. Use our Machine lookup tool to quickly find out if your machine is ready to connect.


Check that the VIN number has 17 characters and that it begins with any of the following prefix: ‘AGC’, ‘AG3’, ‘AAA’, ‘AKC’, ‘AVT’, ‘8AA’, ‘AMX’, ‘YK5’, ‘WAM’, ‘WAH’, ‘XRR’, ‘TAB’, ‘VKK’, ‘ZN2’.

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How does Connect work?

Connect provides a variety of different signals for customers and service technicians in one easy-to-use interface. The data is accessible through the Connect web portal and Connect application where it can be visualized and utilized in different ways. For example, a machine owner can have real time access to information about where a tractor is located and when fueling should be scheduled. The system also displays all the information gathered by the tractor’s sensors for other operational needs, such as providing the documentation required for invoicing.

Speed and ease of use for maintenance

With in-house knowledge and technical experience, combined with AGCO Connect as the enabling tool, Service is able to add considerable value to your operation. Remote viewing of fault codes and performance parameters enables timely support and guidance. With this comprehensive array of information your needs can be identified rapidly and you experience less downtime.

Key features

Efficient farming operations depend on maximum equipment uptime. With Connect, you’ll know when your machinery needs maintenance or servicing and you can plan ahead to minimize disruption.

Remote alerts

Receive error code alerts direct to your mobile device with real time machine technical conditions, to help you and your dealer keep equipment up and running optimally


Customizable and pre-populated vehicle and engine views show you when machines are idle, stopped or in need of service


Automated, actionable, near real time alerts let you identify problems, so you can react quickly

Optimal coverage

Data is transferred via GSM, 3G and CDMA networks. In areas with poor or non-existent cellular connection, data is transmitted over the Iridium® satellite network ensuring seamless data transfer

Connect has helped me to operate more efficiently and save money. With the help of remote fault monitoring, I’m better informed to decide when to schedule servicing or when to continue working”

Jarno Halinen
Isolahti Farm, Finland

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