Retry Activation is now available for machines with ACM

Customers and Dealers now have access to “Retry Activation” on machines with ACM that failed to run in the first activation’s time frame.

ACM Retry Activation

For activation retry to succeed your machine needs to be in an area with good GPS and phone coverage. If the activation exceeds the time frame for a second time, deeper investigation is required


Upon login the pending activation alert are displayed for review under Dashboard – Tasks – Select “View machines


Connect will display the machine(s) which have failed the activation. Select the machine.

Under the tab Telemetry device –


 Device Status, right next to the activation status the “Retry activation” button

After selecting the “Retry activation”, confirm after reading the instruction notes.

The Device status will change to Activation – In progress

Once the activation is complete, the Device status will be Activation – Active.

Note: This button will only show if the activation failed due to the machine expiring the 8 day window.
If unit continues to fail, is due to another issue and the dealer needs to contact technical support.