Connect v1.13.0

Released: 12.02.2020

Dealer initiated subscription process

Your dealer initiates the subscription process for your new AGCO machine. Different subscriptions are available:

  • A free three year subscription for machines without a previous subscription and manufacturing date within the last 18 months (starting 01.01.2019)
  • A paid annual subscription

If you do not have an AGCO connect account yet, please use the invitation you receive via email to register to AGCO connect and login into to the AGCO Connect Portal.

Reviewing the subscription

Upon login the pending subscriptions are displayed for review under “MyFleet->My machines”. Select “Review subscription”.

Please complete the subscription by selecting “Accept”. Note: The machine needs to run some power on/off cycles within the next week for the device to fully activate and send data.


Confirmed subscription

The subscription will be confirmed and the machine should populate under “MyFleet”.



Machine activation status views for service and customer

For each machine the detailed status of the telemetry device can be viewed. To access this view select the machine from the fleet list under “Fleet” and select the tab “Telemetry device”.