New features and updates

Information, wherever and whenever you need it – now in even more detail! Connect offers fresh upgrades for your application. With a new Performance Report you can easily monitor and document machine performance data over time. In addition, notification management updates make management now even easier and more transparent.

What is new?

Performance Report: The report conveniently shows you the key performance metrics in a simple and easy to read format.

Now you can create performance reports over time to inspect:

  1. Overall summary of key performance metrics from your whole fleet 
  2. Detailed breakdown for each machine 
  3. Chart of Daily fleet productivity over reporting period

The new feature also allows you to receive notifications when a report is ready.


  • More detailed insights through data
  • Downloadable PDF format
  • Makes performance analysis, monitoring and optimization even easier

See how Performance Reports work on Feature Discovery

What is new?

Notification Management:

Notifications are now more manageable with new updates on the notification dashboard. New features allow you to:

  1. Select all
  2. Mark all as read
  3. Delete all
  4. Toggle specific notifications

What is new?

Improvements on your Connect dashboard enhance loading speeds:

  1. Average consumption data is removed from the activity view. We will continue to display the total sum of operating hours across your park of machines 
  2. Driving Path: If an account contains more than 10 machines, driving paths will no longer appear in the map view.