Introducing Live data

Introducing Live data

Live data

Connect now provides greater details of your fleet when you access the Web or Mobile app. The My Fleet page will now provide a more accurate status of your machines and automatically update as the machines continues to operate. Specific areas of interest or alerts are now easier to read, and the map view will show the near real-time status of each machine without the need to refresh the page.

With these updates, new machine icons and colors are used to show the different machine status’, including new data delayed visualization that provides more transparency when a machine is operating in a weaker GSM coverage area.

These release notes are split into two sections, one for the Web Based UI and one for the mobile app updates. The detailed actions and layout for the mobile section are documented below under App Updates – Updated Fleet view.

What is new on the My Fleet page?

A new page with updated machine icons and color coded status, alarms notifications and new information on specific features such as threshing status and grain tank level for combines.

  1. New machine icons
  2. Operating hours: Clearly shows machine hours
  3. Active Alarms: Easier to see machines with active alerts
  4. Subscription Status: Now easier to see subscription status of your machines on the Fleet View page, highlighting time remaining on existing subscriptions or if auto-renewal is enabled.
  5. New icons for specific Combine operations:

Where can I find my Live Data?

My machines – select a machine to open the machine specifics live data.

In the Live Data dashboard, the customer has the view of colour coded by status icon and also a live dashboard showing: Fuel level, Fuel rate, SCR level, Engine rpm, Vehicle speed (Wheel based) and Engine load.

New icons:

*Data delayed will show when engine is running and data not received for more than 5 minutes. This can be caused when running the machine in an area with poor GSM coverage or in an area with poor quality GPS signal.


Number of machines that are close together on map

Machine Off

Engine RPM 0 or Engine OFF

Data delayed

If there has not been data for 5 minutes*

Machine ON

Engine ON or RPM >0

Start – Live mode

Indicate route start with own icon

Statistics dashboard

View the statistics dashboard by selecting the down arrow on “Live data” and selecting “Statistics”. You will be able to access key machine statistics for the selected 24 hour period, along with the machine’s last known location and the driving path.

New icons on Statistics

Machine OFF

Engine RPM 0 or Engine OFF

Data delayed

If there has not been data for 5 minutes

Machine ON

Engine ON or RPM >0



The Fleet overview page will show the statistics dashboard by default. To change to Live mode, select the down arrow and select “Live data”.

App Updates

Mobile account management

Now as a Customer you can register into Connect account and manage your information in Connect from mobile app.

New features available from the app:

  • Registration
  • Account activation
  • User profile and EULA management
  • Forgot my password
  • Change my password

1. Registration for New Users

First download the app and follow the steps to register as new user.

Select “Register now” and on the Register page type in your email and mark as check on the AGCO Privacy Statement, after that the Register button above will be enable to continue the process.

An email will be sent, you will have to confirm your email to continue the process.

Activate your account page will open , fill the requested information and continue.

2. How to Add a machine on Connect App?

2.1  For new users

Select “Add machine” and follow the steps (2.3 Steps to “Add a machine”)

2.2 For Existing User

When a customer wishes to activate an eligible machine without dealer assistance, follow the following process to add machine (2.3 Steps to “Add a machine”).

2.3 Steps to “Add a machine”

First Step:

Type in the VIN number of the machine you wish to enroll and fill the information required – then select “Submit Request”

Second Step:

Once the machine has been submitted for activation by customer, machine enter “waiting approval”.

Third Step:

After machine has been submitted for activation, the Service Center will need to approve. Once Service Center approves, your machine will be in Connect.  Finalise the connection by running your machine.

2.4 Dealer initiated the activation process

Another possibility is when the dealer initiates the activation process and invites the customer. This process starts with the “waiting your approval” machine line.

Under “My fleet”, select “My Machines” – SHOW Machines waiting approval, select the machine that is “Waiting your approval” then “Approve the subscription”

A Subscription approved page will appear, select “GOT IT”, and finalise the connection by running your machine.

Updated “My Fleet” view

New and improved landing page with the Live mode showing a more realtime view of machine status, a more clear view of the alarms, next service, subscription status, activation approvals.

Map view now shows live data

On “My Fleet” Live Dashboard is default page.

Other Updates and fixes

Now some telemetry parameters have some human readable values for with enumeration type values.

As an example when you click on Connect Data to analyze the graph in this image shows “Transport” as a machine status instead of a number.

To make it more accurately some updates were made fixing error in machine statistics working/idle calculation in some cases