My fleet

Main view for machine operational information, current position and location history

My machines

Use this view to gain an overview of the entire fleet from an operational perspective.

Select a machine to expand the machine information, then select either option for service centre details (1), view/edit subscriptions (2) and view, add or delete any users the machine is shared with (3).

 View machine name, VIN and model. Machine name can be changed here if required.

 View alarm history and select an event for fault details and descriptions, including severity, number of occurrences and when the alarm was first and last seen

 Location and performance information is visible for selected machine (as shown).

 Operator manuals and product brochures are available to download

 External systems can be used to bring CAN data into selected FMIS (not available outside Nordic regions)

Shared with me

View machines that are shared with you by any owner who grants permission

To add machines to this list, the owner must share with you using the feature found under ‘My Machines’ on their own account.

(see How to share a machine)

The functionality is similar to the ‘My Machine view’ except service centre information and editing machine information is only accessible by the machine owner.

Fleet overview

Use this view for an operational overview of fleet performance.

 indicates the machine has been operating during the selected date (1).

Select a date (1) to view the cumulative totals of operational hours, fuel consumption and the average consumption rate per  machine for the selected date (2).

Select any  machine to expand and view the operational data specific to that machine (3).

The selected machine will show on the map with current location and route traveled during operation.

The time bar and route colours (4) & (5) identify the machine, it also corresponds to the dot next to the machine name (6)