Connect data

Main view for machine technical information and analysis

View your machine data, status  and warning signals in reference to time and location. Analyse for performance, efficiency and service insights.

  1. Select a machine to investigate from the machine list, the machine will appear under selected machines.
  2. Click ‘Signals’ to show available signal parameters.
  3. Choose signals to display by selecting the relevant check box(es). Different options are available from Data, Status and Warning light menus.
  4. Select the date range to display.*
  5. Select refresh to see the data chart.

*Data can be visualized in windows of up to one month.

*Historic data is viewable back to when the machine was last registered to Connect.

Use the data visualizations to investigate relationships between selected attributes and service codes.

You will see the selected data charted across time on the x axis, and relevant unit of measurement on y axis (1).

Click and drag across a selection of interest to isolate and zoom into that timeframe as shown in blue (2).

Any service codes present during the selected time will show in the service code tally (3).

Use the drop down filter to select only those of interest (4).

It is then possible to read data values of different attributes at the time of the service code event to assist with diagnostics.

Move the orange index line to highlight the service code event relative to the time and signal parameters (5) The data values will appear for that point in time (6). The location pin will also move to show the machine position at that time (7).