AGCO Connect

Desktop app quick reference guide. For machine owners.

This reference guide contains a basic orientation, and the information required to navigate the AGCO Connect desktop app for machine owners and users.

To use this guide successfully, access to an active AGCO Connect machine owner desktop account with at least one machine registered to, or shared with that account is needed.

For further guidance on how to get set up, please send us some feedback or speak to your dealer service centre.

Getting started

Access the Connect portal with a desktop or laptop computer by logging into one of:, or

Each site is identical in it’s functionality and is differentiated only by a customised brand user interface.

If you have not yet registered for an account, please see the FAQs or speak to your dealer service centre.

Basic orientation

The Connect user interface is structured around three main functions:

1. My Fleet

Main view for machine operational information, current position and location history

2. Connect Data

Main view for machine technical information and analysis

3. Subscriptions

Subscription plan and period information.  Renewal and cancellation options

Need more help?

Give Connect team a question using our feedback system.