Tailored for maintenance needs

AGCO Connect provides dealers with a powerful tool to use their in-house knowledge and technical experience, to add considerable value to a customer’s operation. Remotely viewing fault codes and performance parameters enables timely remote support and guidance. This give dealers greater insight and allows them to be more proactive. 

Dealers can provide the following three operational benefits to customers:


  • Help customers optimize machine set-up to maximize performance
  • Identify operator training requirements for optimizing efficiency
  • Improve  service and maintenance scheduling
  • Minimize machine downtime
  • Help forecast service centre demand


  • Remotely monitor machine statistics to anticipate potential faults and service requirements
  • Get a head start with machine history and maintenance needs to have the correct parts available and improve first time fix rates
  • Be informed of upcoming service intervals based on engine hours, which takes the guesswork out of determining when service is due

Seamlessly Connect

  • Help customers with informed consulting on what products will best suit their needs
  • Increase customer satisfaction and strengthen the dealer-customer relationship
  • Understand customer operational needs and identify opportunities for expanding their use of Fuse Smart Farming technology

AGCO Connect can be used to identify issues rapidly, making maintenance work easier and faster.

Connect is a vital addition to the service team and will easily integrate into daily work practices. By using the service centre Dashboard feature, the service partner can quickly get an overview of the entire connected fleet to check if there are any issues needing attention and which machines will soon need servicing, putting you in control. The Hub view lets you start investigating machine history and service requirements, and you can even manage workflow by creating a worklist and then check them when the work is done. This makes it easy to know at a glance what work is outstanding.

With new focus and insight, you can tailor your service to your customer’s needs, making their lives easier and your business stronger.

Find ways to offer added value

Your service offering is no longer  ‘simply’ an oil and filter change. With Connect you can now offer condition monitoring and machine consultation as a service. You will be notified immediately if there is a critical alert, you can analyse real time and historical data to support service investigation and you can plan ahead efficiently for your customer and your service centre.

Work with customers to create a personalised service and enhanced warranty contracts that meet their operational needs.


Ways to demonstrate service expertise:
  • Product and technology training events
  • Machine clinics
  • Workshops
  • Promotions